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Post  jason on Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:32 am

I hope you donít mind I have a free reading for you

I was sitting on the train this morning (9.10) and my guide suddenly appeared in the carriage (minds eye appeared ) so I asked him what he was doing there he then began to show me you banging your against a table quite vigorously. I asked why are you showing me to this to which he replied that you are very frustrated at something (then showed me a male child) but taking the drastic course of action is not correct he then showed me like some wool or straw and you trying to rip the tangles out of it and getting nowhere then showed me a kitten playing with the same thing and then hands plucking the tangles apart very gently he said that you need to look at this frustration as the kitten does the wool and treat not as problem but a game do what the cat does when playing with wool attack a little bit of it a little bit at a time and the tangles will then fall apart easily

I will also give off as I got this he also said that you have done so well on the bigger picture but please remember that you also have to learn the little stuff (like these small frustrations) please donít lose sight of that Ėhope you can get something out of that


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Free reading for Lightmessenger Empty Jason

Post  Lightmessenger on Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:17 am

Ah thank you Jason!! Laughing
That was weird why your guide gave you a message for me?
Well thank you and your guide, that makes sense to me Iam having some probs at the mo.!!
I will defo take the advise !!
Cheers Lou xxx

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