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Post  Lightmessenger on Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:52 am

Have you ever had a premonition?

Today on t.v a programme were discussing the events over the weekend concerning the oil rig, apparantly a member of staff had a dream that someone had planted an explosive on the rig and she told the bosses and they acted on it!! evacuating members of staff.
Fortunatley nothing happened but i have heard that the poor woman has been sectioned under the mental health act!!!!

I have had several premonitions and they have always been negative and they have always manifested!!
Wish they would be more positive!

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Re: Premonitions

Post  rainbowbrite on Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:07 pm

ive had quite afew positive premonitions they usualycome to me in dreams and are reasurances that i dont understand at the time untill they happen , their only premonitions to my life so i could predict anything usful like an earth quake. the main one that comes to mind is when i was 16 i was in this room which i knew was my bedroom but i had never seen it before but it had some of my things in it. and i had a guy sitting in front of me on a chair i had bright red hands and the guy had a big mo hawk hairstyle. i didnt understand it at the time i dint even understand why i had red hands, but then a few years later i went to uni and had tottaly forgoten about the premonition untill my boyfriend at the time now my husband was sat in the middle of the room which was my bedroom and i had red hands as i was dyeing his mo hawk for him which he had at the time i met him, i think it was messages from my guide as i was really low at the time and felt like i would never meet anyone i could trust and i didnt even think anyoone would love me or i deserved to be loved. so when i met my husband i deffinatly knew he was the one my guides had already messaged me that he was coming.


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