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Ever had a reading with a medium that left you scared?

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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:37 am

Has anyone had a negative experiences with regards to mediumship?

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Post  Lightmessenger on Sun Jan 27, 2008 4:04 pm

A few months ago I was approached by a twenty-five year old man who was encountering problems in his life and had come from a very dysfunctional family, with a history of physical & sexual abuse, he was quite disturbed when he was told by a medium that the reason his life was not going to plan was because he was possessed by a spirit and that it was quite demonic!!
The medium told the guy that she would remove the spirit and all would be fine, but it was going to cost him quite a bit of money.
The man was obviously anxious and wanted rid of the spirit, so he tried to find the money so that he could get the medium to help him.
To cut a long story very short, the medium went to the persons house and told him that it was a very evil spirit and that she had got rid of it, the guy handed over the money, the medium was bragging to him that it had been the worst evil spirit she has ever dealt with, and thank god he had called upon her to assist him!!! so not only had she lined her pockets with his money, but her ego was now inflated like a large hot air balloon, all at the expence of this young, vulnerable guy. Sad

Unfortunatley the guy was still encountering problems months after the medium had been and believed that the spirit had some how come back.
First of all I was horrified to hear that this poor young man had to find the money to pay for this medium to come round and remove it, (whilst mediums are providing a service and need to pay bills and live etc.. the amount that was asked for was ridiculous!!!!)

Secondly there was no evil spirit!!, the man was extremely traumatised by the events in his life and in fact didnt need a medium, it was obvious that he needed help, not of the spiritual kind but a conventional counsellor that specialises in abuse, but not once did the medium pick up what a dreadful life this person had lead, neither did they advise the person to seek professional help!!

Iam not really doing this story the justice that it deserves, but i would just like to point out to any one that has been told that they are being possessed by an entity that it is rare to be possessed by a spirit, if that was the case we would all be walking round with spirit possessions and that not everything comes down to the spirit world, and therefore they shouldnt be blamed for all and sundry!!

We need to all take responsibility for our own lives, and stop blaming the poor spirit world!!
You wouldnt believe how many times people have told me that they think they are having paranormal activity going on when it clearly isnt, we need to keep it real and keep our feet on the ground when dealing with this kind of thing, it is very easy to get carried away and end up in fairy land as i call it. ( no disrespect to the elementals) lol
When i am asked to help somebody who thinks they may have a possession, I always go down the logical route first for an explanation, because nine times out of ten, the person is most probably going through a bad patch,has had a very difficult childhood, has depression or there are other external problems going on.
Only when i have exuded the logical explanation, then it becomes Paranormal.

My advise to anyone out there reading this is please please seek a reputable medium who specialises in that particular field and if possible ask three different mediums to investigate, do not hand over large sums of money.

You will be pleased to know that the guy has since been in touch, is having therapy and told me that he has turned his life around with the aid of his counsellor!!!! Very Happy

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